Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Online Translators Don't Work

I was emailing my grandpa in Korean this morning and put it through Yahoo Babelfish to see what it would come up with.

The original email:

안녕하세요. 일본에 잘도착했어요. 좋은 날씨가 있었어, 하꼬다태도시를 좋아요. 
할아버지가 잘지내요?

Yahoo's translation:

Goodbye is. To arrive to Japan well. There is a good weather, under is good the attitude city which twists. The grandfather puts out is not small? 
Red line

Of course, it could be that my mistakes in Korean are the cause of this nonsensical translation... corrections, anyone?

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jglc said...

Oh! Your Cho is the same as my Chu? 朱, it's an old word for "deep red".

Miriam Cho said...

lol i only signed my first name. my surname is actually 趙.

sparks said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH i actually laughed out loud when i saw the English "translation."
i think the spacing may have had something to do with it - korean spacing between words is very tricky. like, "잘 도착했어요" or "잘 도착 했어요"? (don't know which of these 2 is the correct one, but one of them is)

Kelly McLaughlin said...

LOL! Yes, I was really only going to point out the spacing, but then again that translation is so fun, so don't fix it. =)

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